KSA Clubs

KSA Clubs

Student clubs open the door to getting involved, gaining invaluable experiences and making new friends! The KSA has lots of active clubs, ranging from Design Clubs to Bhangra Clubs. Clubs are a great opportunity to express yourself, grow as an individual, connect with others on your campus and your community, as well as better prepare yourself for life after graduation.

KSA Club Resources

In addition to Clubs Support Funding, the KSA has a number of different resources available for Clubs to utilize. The KSA Clubs Guide is a great first stop when you have questions, it addresses many frequently asked questions and provides an in depth list of KSA Club Resources.

  • If you are looking to reserve KSA space, please email bookings@kusa.ca
  • If you are looking to reserve KPU space, please complete KPU’s online booking form.
  • If you would like a club locker, printing or ticket sales at KSA Member Services, please email clubs@kusa.ca.
  • For general club support, please email the Clubs & Outreach Coordinator at clubs@kusa.ca.


KSA Club Renewal Form

📢 Attention KSA Students! 📢

🚨 Deadline Alert: April 19th, 2024 🚨

Calling all club executives! The deadline for submitting your club renewal forms and updated constitutions is fast approaching, and we need your urgent attention! 🕒

Without these crucial documents, your club risks losing its active status and being removed from the official list of KSA clubs. Don’t let your club miss out on valuable opportunities, resources, and connections within the KSA community!

📝 Need assistance? We’re here to help! Reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns about the renewal process. Clubs@kusa.ca

Don’t wait until the last minute – act now to ensure your club remains active and thriving within the KSA!