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  • ASK Club1

    The ASK is an accounting student club designed to help students learn more about accounting at KPU and the opportunities available upon graduation.

    As a team, we strive to engage our members in continuously improving their skills by bridging their learning through support and resources, fostering personal development, and providing a gateway to professionals in the accounting community.

    Learn more at

  • Bible Study @ Kwantlen1

    We are a group of students who are dedicated to share the goodness of the Bible to our fellow students. Students meet spontaneously and actively throughout the week, we enjoy meals, sing songs, read the Bible together and share our enjoyment from what we read in the Bible.

    The Bible not only guides Christians’ faith and lives, it is also recognized by the civilized world as the incomparable “book of books”.

    Bible Study @ Kwantlen hopes to bring students together to enjoy and share the Bible.

    So if you want to join our club please email us at to let us know your availability! Or click directly on the club website to fill in the form.

  • Health Science Club1

    For Health Science students and beyond, please email to join.

  • K-Drama Club1

    The Kdrama club is a place for all the Kdrama lovers. This club aims to foster a healthy relationship with all the members by holding fun drama-related activities such as karaoke nights, movie nights, and more. To be a club member and for more information email us at You can also follow us on Instagram @kpu_kdrama_club.

  • KHRA1

    The Kwantlen Human Resources Association (KHRA) is a non-profit, faculty-guided club/community that aims to help its members have successful careers by providing events, programs, and networking opportunities in the field of Human Resources. To join follow us on Instagram at @KPUHRA or via email at

  • KPU Cricket Club1

    We’re a passionate group of cricket enthusiasts dedicated to promoting the sport and fostering a welcoming community for players of all skill levels. Whether you’re a seasoned cricketer or new to the game, our club provides the perfect platform to learn, practice, and compete in this exciting sport.

    Join us for thrilling matches, skill-building sessions, and a great social atmosphere. Get ready to bat, bowl, and field your way to fun and friendship with like-minded cricket lovers! To Join please e-mail us at or fill out this form . Visit us at

  • KSA Anime Club1

    In the Anime Club, students will have the opportunity to learn Japanese culture by interacting with other students through anime songs and recommending anime to others. Our mission is to encourage our club members to be active in events and socialize with people with the same interests and share talents and thoughts. Our General Club Email is Follow us on Instagram @kpu_animeclub and Discord for more information!

  • KPU Anthropology Society1

    If you would like to join the Anthropology society, join using the link You can also check out our Instagram @kpuanthropology.

  • KPU Bhangra Club1

    Kwantlen Bhangra Club aims to bring a sense of community for students from diverse backgrounds. The club will act as a medium for students to relieve their academic stress and learn this folk dance, having its roots from Punjab, India. If you have little or no knowledge about this folk dance, then this is the perfect place for you as we all are here to learn from each other and develop our skills. Please email us at to join and follow our social media through this link:

  • KPU Music Club1

    We offer a variety of music-related activities and programs to help develop and showcase your musical skills. Our members learn how to play instruments, write music, and perform on stage. We also have jam sessions and open mic sessions for members to share their music with others. We have a great selection of resources to help members learn new skills, such as sheet music, recordings. We strive to create a safe and nurturing environment for our members to come together, learn, and share their love of music. Please email to join.

  • KPU MUN1

    The Model UN Club at KPU gives students the opportunity to attend Model UN Conferences while enhancing their understanding of global politics. Model UN allows students to improve many valuable skills such as problem solving, public speaking, and debate. At conferences, students act as leaders and speak about issues that are globally impactful.

    The Model UN Club is open to anyone no matter their experience level. To join, email

  • KPU OTM Club1

    The Club has been established with a vision to enhance students’ experience and to build a center of excellence on a mission to organize conferences and fun activities, to connect with alumni, and to network with professional associations and industry partners.The club consists of a group of students leaders, student members and faculty liaisons, who are trying to bring more and insights of the business operations from the real world. Research and analysis of the Operations and Supply Chain industry’s latest technological trends and sharing thoughts and information with committed and successful KPU students. Please email us at to join

  • KPU Pre-Med Club1

    The KPU Pre-Med Club seeks to provide students interested in pursuing a career in medicine with the opportunity to listen to and connect with leading speakers in healthcare and to provide up to date information regarding medical school admissions requirements. It is also our hope to be able to arrange for fundraisers for medicine-related initiatives and raise awareness on some of healthcare’s greatest needs. In the words of Greek physician Hippocrates, “Wherever the art of Medicine is loved, there is also a love for humanity.” We strive to create an open and inclusive environment where people of all majors and backgrounds can share a unified passion for medicine together. Please email us at for more information or to join as a member!”

  • KPU Pride Society1

    KPU’s Pride Society is a student-run collective that aims to foster a safe community for 2SLGBTQ+ people on campus. In addition to providing a safe place, we hope to advocate for 2SLGBTQ+ people on campus, and to provide education and resources to those who need them. Come visit us in the Pride Centre (Birch 240) on Surrey campus to study, hang out, and meet other 2SLGBTQ+ students! For contact information, people can reach us by emailing or by visiting our website

    Email to access our Discord server where we will post updates on upcoming events and room hours or join through KPU’s student hub.

  • Kwantlen Art Collective1

    The KPU Art Collective a group of primarily Fine Arts students within all levels of KPU’s Bachelor of Fine Arts, Fine Arts Diploma and Fine Arts Certificate programs. Any KPU Students with an interest in art are welcome to join. The Art Collective aims to foster a vibrant artistic community within KPU and to support students artistic and professional development. Consider joining us for extracurricular workshops and learning experiences, exhibition opportunities, social events, field trips and more. Please email to join.

  • Kwantlen Nepalese Student Association1
    The Kwantlen Nepalese Student Association (KNSA) is a vibrant community at Kwantlen Polytechnic University in Canada, dedicated to supporting Nepalese students and celebrating the rich cultural heritage of Nepal. Nepal, a landlocked country in South Asia renowned for its stunning Himalayan landscape and cultural diversity, is home to the preacher of peace Siddhartha gautam (Buddha) and Mount Everest along with numerous other significant peaks. KNSA’s mission is to provide a supportive network for Nepalese students, helping them navigate life in Canada while fostering a sense of belonging. The club organizes various events and festivals, showcasing Nepal’s traditions and making the country’s unique culture renowned within the Canadian community. Through these efforts, KNSA not only assists Nepalese students but also enriches the cultural tapestry of the university.
    We are on WhatsApp  and Instagram
    For WhatsApp:
    For Instagram page:
    And the email of the club is:
    For more details, contact
    President of the club: Satish Chandra Mishra
    Vice-president: Rohan Neupane
  • Kwantlen Psychology Society1

    The Kwantlen Psychology Society is a student-led club for psychology students, hosting events that encourage and promote community and academic excellence. We want to encourage involvement in the field of psychology by bringing together students and faculty to fun events that stimulate conversation and build relationships. You can reach us by emailing or by visiting our website

    You can also access our community Discord server using the following link or by joining through KPU’s student hub.

  • Kwantlen Gaming Guild1

    The Kwantlen Gaming Guild is a club dedicated to fostering a welcoming community of students that share an interest and passion for video games. We aim to host get-together events involving multiplayer games both in person and online. Students that wish to join us please follow our website at and on Facebook at

  • Kwantlen Geographers1

    Kwantlen Geographers’ purpose is to promote geographical and environmental thinking within and outside of campus. We want to provide a safe space for like-minded individuals that have an interest in geography. If you are interested in geography, or would like to know more about geography, please sign up through this link: or contact us at

  • Kwantlen IT Club1

    The KPU IT Club aims to establish an organization that provides personal growth, leadership, and learning opportunities in technology, innovation and modern IT careers. Our aim is to educate KPU students about the latest technology trends and skills. Through our club, students will gain knowledge about technology that will facilitate future opportunities. Email for more information.

  • Kwantlen Sikh Student Association (KSSA)1
    The Kwantlen Sikh Student Association (KSSA) is dedicated to fostering a vibrant and connected KPU Sikh community through interactive and engaging Sikhism-based events. Grounded in the timeless principles of Sikhism, we derive our strength from the three pillars set forth by Guru Nanak Dev Ji: Naam Japna (meditation on the divine), Kirat Karni (honest and diligent work), and Vand Chakna (selfless service).
    At the heart of our mission is the commitment to provide a platform for students to connect with their roots. Our events embody the core values of Sikhism, bringing the sangat together to collectively meditate and share knowledge. Through these actions, we aspire to cultivate a more connected KPU Sikh community, where individuals not only explore their spiritual heritage but also contribute to the shared growth and well-being of our diverse student body. Join us on this enriching journey as we strive to build bridges, foster understanding, and celebrate the values of Sikhi within the KPU community.
    Mission Statement
    To build a positive sangat in the KPU Sikh community. We aim to promote a better understanding of Sikh values, practices, and history through various initiatives/events.
    Socials, Kirtans (Musical event), and Workshops
    How to Join/Contact Information
    To get involved, email .
    Please let me know if we can further assist you. I look forward to seeing a connected KPU community through all our new clubs.
  • Muslim Student Association1

    The Muslim Student Association (MSA) aims to build bridges and close cultural gaps through offering a non-judgmental environment where everyone is welcome to ask questions, and come together to find solutions to the challenges that we are facing as students today. At MSA, we are dedicated to creating an inclusive community and promoting peace and unity. If you are interested in becoming a member, sign up at or contact us at

  • School Outreach Ministry (SCOM)1

    SCOM: School Outreach Ministry (SCOM), is a worldwide youth movement whose main objective is to “Inspire the youth to live for Christ and offer the prime years of their lives in service to God and Country.” In line with the vision, we would like to extend our hands as a partner and support in the moral and spiritual aspect of the Kwantlen Polytechnic University students.

    SCOM’s role in the school is to be a public club that creates a home and family within the school. With this brief fellowship, we simply aim to build an atmosphere of enjoyment and laughter for the students who will voluntarily join. Please email to join.

  • The Japan Club1

    The Japan Club will be promoting and exploring any aspects of the Japanese Culture through activities and on campus events related to Japan. The club will also act as a bridge between Japanese International and Exchange Students and Domestic KPU Students. Sign up to become a member at or email for more information.

  • The Kwantlen Creative Writing Guild1

    The Kwantlen Creative Writing Guild is a literary community for writing students and prose/poetry enthusiasts at KPU.
    We seek to support students in their writing experiences, and advocate for a safe and inclusive space for writers on campus.
    We welcome new and returning members! Feel free to drop in on any of our gathering dates, and participate as much or as little as your schedule allows. Visit the Guild page ( to keep up to date on workshops, readings, field trips and other literary events, and join the Poetry Project group ( for poetry-specific updates!

    General guild email:

    Poetry Project email:

    Poetry Project Insta: @kwantlenpoetryproject

  • The Kwantlen Pageturners1

    The Kwantlen Pageturners aim to renew and foster a love of reading among students. Each semester the club will pick a book to read and finish off the semester with a discussion on that book. There are also movie nights at least once a semester that end in a discussion on the merits of a book and it’s movie adaptation. Interested? Sign up to be a member at or email

  • Kwantlen Debate Club1

    Kwantlen Debate is a club that meets weekly and schedules according to student availability. We started with a modified Munk club debate format. Debate is a great way to round off your skills for the social and workplace environment. Political Science, English and Business students – as well as students from across departments – will be interested. In preparation for a school-wide Kwantlen Debate competition we hope to gather more members. Our Instagram is @kpudebateclub.

  • Kwantlen Polytechnic University Marketing Association (KPUMA)1

    Founded in 2012, the Kwantlen Polytechnic University Marketing Association (KPUMA) is a student-organized and governed club that focuses on developing hands-on marketing and business skills for KPU Students. The association then provides KPU Students with networking opportunities, workshops access to mentors and more! For information on how to join the club, visit us at

  • Sustainable Agriculture Student Association1

    To join please email:

  • SOCA Club (KPU’s African & Caribbean Students Association)1

    Our club celebrates and promotes the rich cultural heritage of the Caribbean and African communities. We stand for unity, education, and cultural exchange, aiming to create a welcoming space for all students to learn and engage with these vibrant cultures.

    Our mission is to foster a sense of community and belonging among students of Caribbean and African descent while educating the broader school community about our cultures. Our vision is to create an inclusive environment where cultural diversity is celebrated and respected.

    We organize a variety of activities and events, including cultural festivals, educational workshops, guest speaker sessions, and social gatherings. Our goal is to provide engaging and educational experiences that highlight the traditions and contributions of Caribbean and African cultures.

    Students can join our club by reaching out via email at
    Follow us on social media for updates and event announcements:

    – Instagram: @kpusoc
  • Stem Roots Club1

    We are a group of students making a platform to serve as a liaison between all entry level to final year science students. STEM ROOTS aims to help students to showcase their talents and share their experience and learn from other students’ experience. For more information and to be a part of these events please join the club and contact at

  • Kwantlen Malayali Club (KMC)1

    Welcome to the Kwanten Malayali Community (KMC)!

    We are a vibrant and dynamic community at Kwantlen Polytechnic University, bringing together Malayali students and enthusiasts from all corners of our campus. Our club is dedicated to celebrating and promoting the rich cultural heritage of Kerala, fostering a supportive and inclusive environment for all members.

    Our Mission:

    • To create a home away from home for Malayali students.
    • To celebrate and share the vibrant culture, traditions, and heritage of Kerala.
    • To support and uplift our members through social, cultural, and educational activities.
    • To build strong connections and lasting friendships among our members.

    What We Do:

    • Host cultural events and festivals, including Onam, Vishu, and more.
    • Organize meet and greet sessions, workshops, and networking events.
    • Conduct fun activities like movie nights, cooking sessions, and game nights with a Malayali touch.
    • Provide a platform for members to share their talents and interests.

    Join us in our journey to create memorable experiences and meaningful connections. We welcome everyone who shares a love for Malayali culture and is interested in being part of our community.

    Follow us on Instagram: @kwantlenmalayaliclub

    Stay updated with our latest events, activities, and initiative.

  • HSA1

    Club Description: At HSA, we aim to spread love and awareness about various aspects of Hinduism and bring students together through vibrant events during festivals. Our club is a welcoming community for all who are interested in learning about and celebrating Hindu culture and traditions.

    Mission and Vision: Our mission is to bring students at the university together and build strong unity among them. We strive to create a sense of belonging and home through our events and activities, fostering a supportive and inclusive environment for all.

    Activities and Events: The club will primarily focus on organizing events during various Hindu festivals. Some of the festivals we plan to celebrate include:

    • Dussehra
    • Diwali
    • Maha Shivaratri
    • Janmashtami
    • Holi
    • And many more!

    Contact Information: To join the club, students can email us at or directly reach out to us at 778-952-2962.

    Social Media Links: Currently, we do not have social media accounts. However, we plan to create accounts on different social media platforms once our training is complete. Stay tuned for updates!

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