Executive Committee

The Kwantlen Student Association’s Executive Committee consists of four members (executives): the Director of Student Services, the Director of Finance, the Director of Student Life and the Director of External Affairs; all of whom are appointed by Council to coordinate the day-to-day business and operations of the KSA in between meetings of Council. It meets on a weekly basis.

Your Executive Committee is pleased to be working to better the lives of the membership (you!) through the development and expansion of student services, concerted advocacy for your rights, the enhancement of student life, and the responsible stewardship of the student association’s resources. We encourage you to contact any one of us with your questions, concerns, or ideas!

Agendas & Minutes

2017 Executive Committee Agendas & Minutes

2016 Executive Committee Agendas & Minutes

2015 Executive Committee Agendas & Minutes

2014 Executive Committee Agendas & Minutes

Most of our old documents have been added to the website! If you are looking for a document that is not online, please contact our Records Coordinator and Archivist at rca@kusa.ca!