Issues Policies

Council takes positions on a number of issues that matter to the students of Kwantlen Polytechnic University. These positions (or policy statements) set a framework within which members of Council can lobby and advocate on students' behalves. Issues policies may be adopted, for up to three (3) years at a time, by a two-thirds resolution of Council.

Last updated  |  July 20, 2017

1.   Access Policies

1.1   Policy on StudentAidBC (Expired)
1.2   Public Funding of Post-Secondary Education Policy (Expired)
1.3   Canadian Millennium Scholarship Foundation Policy (Expired)
1.4   Access to Services for Students with Disabilities Policy (Expired)
1.5   On Campus Student Housing Policy
1.6   Open Educational Resources Policy

2.   Economic, Government and Social Welfare Policies

2.1   Minimum Wage Policy (Expired)
2.2   Affordable Child Care Policy (Expired)
2.3   Idle No More Policy (Expired)
2.4   Policy to Support the Sensible BC Campaign to Decriminalize Cannabis
         Possession in BC
2.5   Policy Supporting a Living Wage at KPU
2.6   KSA Credit Union Policy

3.   Environmental Issues Policies

3.1   Policy on Cosmetic Pesticide Use (Expired)
3.2   Bottled Water Policy (Expired)
3.3   Policy Promoting Waste Reduction, Recycling and Composting as Alternatives to

3.4   Policy on Coal Ports and Increases in Thermal Coal Exports
3.5   Policy Urging the President and Board of Governors of KPU to Divest from
         Publicly Traded Fossil Fuel Companies

3.6   Sustainability Policy
3.7   Talloires Declaration Policy
3.8   Metro Vancouver Tap Water Campaign Policy
3.9   Billion Dollar Green Campaign Policy
3.10   Air Travel Policy
3.11   KSA Sustainable Investment Policy

4.   Physical and Mental Health, and Anti-Oppression Policies

4.1   Abortion and a Woman's Right to Choose Policy (Expired)
4.2   Canadian Blood Services Policy (Expired)
4.3   LGBT Equal Rights and Human Rights Policy (Expired)
4.4   Positive Space Program Policy (Expired)
4.5   Safer Sex Education Policy (Expired)
4.6   Medical Marijuana On-Campus Usage Policy (Expired)
4.7   Kwantlen Student Association Sexualized Violence and Misconduct Policy

5.   Institutional and Academic Policies

5.1   Ban on Washroom Advertisements Policy (Expired)
5.2   Use of Biometric Data at Post-Secondary Institutions Policy (Expired)
5.3   Policy on Credit Card Solicitation to Students on Campus (Expired)
5.4   Extended Library Hours Policy (Expired)
5.5   University Closure During Inclement Weather Policy (Expired)
5.6   Policy on Russel Ogden's Academic Freedom Case (Expired)
5.7   Private Tutoring Policy (Expired)
5.8   Access to Education Payments Policy (Expired)
5.9   Policy on Student Academic Rights (Expired)
5.10   Policy on Electronic Devices in Classrooms

6.   Transportation Policies

6.1   Canada Line Station Name Policy (Expired)
6.2   Policy on the Canada / RAV Skytrain Line (Expired)
6.3   Policy on Public Transportation (Expired)
6.4   Universal Bus Pass (U-Pass) Policy (Expired)

7.   KSA MultiPass Operational Policies

7.1   Advertisements on the Intercampus Shuttle Policy (Expired)

Contact Info

Nicki Simpson
Policy & Political Affairs Coordinator
t  604.599.2869  |  f  604.599.2429