Bike Lockers

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Free On Campus Bike Lockers

KSA has 10 bicycle lockers on each of the 4 campuses.

These lockers are FREE to rent with a damage deposit of $20.

Find out the bike lockers in your campus!

Surrey Campus
Richmond Campus
KPU Tech Cloverdale
Langley Campus
  • How to Rent a Bike Locker?1

    To rent these lockers, you will need to bring a $20 cash or cheque refundable damage deposit to the KSA Member Services office on your campus, and sign the bicycle locker agreement. Each locker will be rented at a first come first serve basis, so come by quick before all the lockers are gone! Email member services for availability at

  • Rentals and Renewals1

    The first of each calendar month represents a new month of the rental agreement. Likewise, all termination dates will be dated for the last day of the semester. This means if a renter signs a rental agreement in the middle of the semester, and wishes to rent the locker for the duration of the next semester, then the student must sign an agreement for two semesters.

    For example, if Bob begins his rental on January 17, 2024, and wishes to rent the locker until the end of the next semester, then he must sign an agreement to rent the locker for two semesters; one semester counting from January 17 until the end of the current semester, and the second semester beginning at the start of the next semester.

    Regardless of renewals, all rental agreements will be terminated on the last day of the semester in which the agreement ends. If you wish to terminate your rental agreement early, we require one week notification, emailed to

  • How to Get Your Damage Deposit Back?1

    To get your damage deposit back, renters just need to keep their lockers in good condition! This means no garbage has been left behind, there are no major dents or noticeable markings on the interior and exterior walls of the locker, and there is no damage to the locker handle or lock/key. For more details, please check out our bicycle locker checklist!

    In the event there is any damage to the locker that was not the responsibility of the renter, please report it immediately to the MultiPass staff at

    Please note that by signing the agreement, it is agreed that the KSA is not liable for any theft, injuries, losses or damages arising from the use of the locker, and the renter acknowledges they are personally responsible for any such injuries, theft, losses or damages and is responsible for insuring the contents of the locker against theft loss or damage.

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Bike Tools Station

KSA has added to our on campus bike infrastructure by adding bike repair stations and air pumps. If your bike needs some tuning or some air, feel free to use the bike stations which are located near the bike lockers on each campus.

Bike Workshop

Looking to learn more about bike maintenance, bike riding skills, and other bike related skills? We have partnered with HUB Cycling to offer different bike skill courses throughout the year.

If you are interested in taking a course, or have ideas about a course you would like to take, contact us at