KSA Events

Great events are the backbone of great student life. Whether online or in-person, the KSA Events team is dedicated to creating fun, educational, memorable, and engaging events throughout the semester. We want to work with students to host the events that you want to see! From cuddling dogs at Stress Relief Week to educational Welcome Weeks, and all the pie-eating and Among Us competitions in between, we want each semester at KPU to be amazing. Get involved and help us make this possible either by volunteering or by joining the Student Life Committee.

Interfaith Holidays and Festivals

Please find attached a PDF guide that highlights all the major festivals and holidays celebrated in Canada, including interfaith celebrations. We hope this guide will help you learn more about and appreciate the diverse cultural traditions of our society. At the Kwantlen Student Association, we encourage all members of our community to celebrate and embrace inclusivity and respect for all cultures and religions.

Events Calendar