Current Clubs

  • 3D Printing Club1

    A place where you bring your creations to life or get replacement parts. Join our Discord or Facebook.

  • Bible Study @ Kwantlen1

    We are a group of students who are dedicated to share the goodness of the Bible to our fellow students. Students meet weekly to share our enjoyment and experiences of God. The Bible not only guides Christians’ faith and lives, it is also recognized by the civilized world as the incomparable “book of books”. Bible Study @ Kwantlen hopes to bring students together to enjoy and share the Bible. The current Bible study times are as follows: Mondays 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm | Richmond R2630 and Wednesdays 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm, Richmond R2630, Email:, Website:

  • KPU Social Enterprise Club1

    The KPU Social Enterprise Club, formerly KPU Pause For A Cause Club, seeks to educate and promote all aspects of social enterprise within the KPU community. A social enterprise or social business is defined as a business that has specific social objectives that serve its primary purpose. To serve our mission, we will engage students with events, campaigns, and connect them with social enterprise organizations. Simultaneously, we will hold fundraising events for different not-for-profit organizations and raise awareness for social justice issues. We will work to motivate KPU students to get involved in the community and inspire them to become social change makers. We are also the Me To We Chapter for KPU. Join by emailing at

  • Kwantlen Christian Fellowship1

    Kwantlen Christian Fellowship is a Christ-centred community welcoming to people of all backgrounds on their faith journeys.Events include weekly chapel (a quiet time of spiritual contemplation and on campus during the week) and weekend board game nights, dinners, and service projects to foster community and build relationships on campus and to serve our wider community. Please feel free to reach out to us by email at, or like and follow us on facebook and instagram at kwantlenchristianfellowship. We look forward to meeting you!

  • Kwantlen Psychology Society1

    Kwantlen Psychology Society (KPS) is a student-led club for psychology students, hosting events that encourage and promote community and academic excellence. We want to encourage involvement in the field of psychology by bringing together students and faculty to fun events that stimulate conversation and build relationships. The URL is and email is

  • Muslim Student Association1

    The Muslim Student Assocation (MSA) aims to build bridges and close cultural gaps through offering a non-judgmental environment where everyone is welcome to ask questions, and come together to find solutions to the challenges that we are facing as students today. At MSA, we are dedicated to creating an inclusive community and promoting peace and unity. If you are interested in becoming a member, sign up at or contact us at

  • Science In Action Club1

    The Science in Action club aims to grow knowledge about the field of science, promote healthy living among KPU students, and establish relationships between students and leaders in the industry. To join this club, email

  • The Faculty of Health Student Association (FOHSA)1

    The Faculty of Health Student Association (FOHSA) is a student-led organization representing students enrolled in the Faculty of Health at KPU. FOHSA aims towards the cohesion of programs and cohorts within the Faculty of Health at Kwantlen Polytechnic University, along with supporting the Lower Mainland community. Email us at to join.

  • The Japan Club1

    The Japan Club will be promoting and exploring any aspects of the Japanese Culture through activities and on campus events related to Japan. The club will also act as a bridge between Japanese International and Exchange Students and Domestic KPU Students. Sign up to become a member at or email for more information.

  • The Kwantlen Anthropology Student Association1

    The Kwantlen Anthropology Student Association is made for students who love anthropology! Members can join the club on private museum tours, help with our conservation efforts, and attend talks with experts in the field. Email us at to join the club or for more information.

  • The Kwantlen Creative Writing Guild1

    The Kwantlen Creative Writing Guild is a literary community for writing students and prose/poetry enthusiasts at KPU.
    We seek to support students in their writing experiences, and advocate for a safe and inclusive space for writers on campus.
    We welcome new and returning members! Feel free to drop in on any of our gathering dates, and participate as much or as little as your schedule allows. Visit the Guild page ( to keep up to date on workshops, readings, field trips and other literary events, and join the Poetry Project group ( for poetry-specific updates!

    General guild email:

    Poetry Project email:

    Poetry Project Insta: @kwantlenpoetryproject

  • Kwantlen Geographers1

    Kwantlen Geographers’ purpose is to promote geographical and environmental thinking within and outside of campus. We want to provide a safe space for like-minded individuals that have an interest in geography. If you are interested in geography, or would like to know more about geography, please sign up through this link: or contact us at

  • The Kwantlen Pageturners1

    The Kwantlen Pageturners aim to renew and foster a love of reading among students. Each semester the club will pick a book to read and finish off the semester with a discussion on that book. There are also movie nights at least once a semester that end in a discussion on the merits of a book and it’s movie adaptation. Interested? Sign up to be a member at or email

  • The Kwantlen Polytechnic University Marketing Association (KPUMA)1

    Founded in 2012, the Kwantlen Polytechnic University Marketing Association (KPUMA) is a student-organized and governed club that focuses on developing hands-on marketing and business skills for KPU Students. The association then provides KPU Students with networking opportunities, workshops access to mentors and more! For information on how to join the club, visit us at

  • The Kwantlen Tabletop Club (KTC)1

    The Kwantlen Tabletop Club (KTC) is a group dedicated to bringing Kwantlen students together with a shared interest in tabletop roleplaying games like Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder, Call of Cthulhu and more. We aim for bringing groups of open and like minded gamers to join us at a table to build fun and fulfilling games for everyone involved. You can find us on Facebook at and Discord on

  • KPU Debate Club1

    The Debate Club gives students the opportunity to improve on their linguistic skills, practice forming arguments, as well as meet new people who are keen on speaking about a variety of topics. Debate has many real-world applications such as improving public speaking, develop critical thinking skills, and refining the ability to question evidence. Debate club is a fun and interactive experience for many students to enjoy. The vision of the Debate Club is to be able to encourage students to use their voice and apply it into the real world. To join the KPU Debate club, email us at

  • KPU OSCM Club1

    The Club has been established with a vision to enhance students’ experience and to build a center of excellence on a mission to organize conferences and fun activities, to connect with alumni, and to network with professional associations and industry partners.The club consists of a group of students leaders, student members and faculty liaisons, who are trying to bring more and insights of the business operations from the real world. Research and analysis of the Operations and Supply Chain industry’s latest technological trends and sharing thoughts and information with committed and successful KPU students. Please email us at to join

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