KSA Peer Support

About Us

The Kwantlen Student Association (KSA) Peer Support Resource Centre is a student-led initiative that aims to foster optimal mental health and holistic well-being within our KPU community. We work towards this goal in several ways: by offering group social and wellness activities through our Chatterbox program, one-on-one support services, referrals, resources, and mental health awareness events on campus.

Please Note: As a student-led program, our Peer Support Volunteers are not trained professionals and thus, are not able to do the work of trained professionals. Rather, we provide extensive training in areas such as empathy, basic active listening and helping skills, as well as referral training for both crisis and non-crisis situations at the peer-to-peer level. Anything that lies outside of their scope of training will be referred off to a trained professional.

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Who Are We?

We are KPU students, just like YOU! From taking courses, to working full or part-time jobs, to juggling other commitments such as volunteering and spending time with friends and family, we have been there — and we understand what it’s like. Being a student is not always easy and we recognize the importance of having a strong sense of community and a good support system as we go through our university years.

This is where the Peer Support Team comes in! We are a group of fun, dedicated, and caring students who are passionate about well-being at KPU. Looking for resources? Wanting to chat with a fellow student? Interested in learning more about wellness topics at a social activity or event? Our team of trained and knowledgeable student volunteers are ready and excited to support their KPU community in whichever way they can!

What Do We Do?

At the Peer Support Resource Centre, there are many things that we do! The following is a list of services we offer to KPU students:

  • Resources: Looking for a certain service or feeling lost about where to start? Peer Support Volunteers receive specialized training to be able to direct you to a wide range of on and off campus resources, depending on your situation. For more details, click here.
  • Chatterbox: Have time to spare between classes? Stop by for free snacks and prizes, and connect with your KPU peers at our Chatterbox events! Learn more about the many aspects of well-being through fun and interactive activities at our Chatterbox Socials and Workshops. For more details, click here.

  • Peer Chats: Wanting to chat one-on-one with a peer about university life? Our team of trained student volunteers are relatable and have both the knowledge and skills to listen and offer personalized support. Whether you need someone to be a listening ear or help you with your next steps, our volunteers are more than happy to be there for their fellow students. If you would like to receive one-on-one support with a peer, please book an appointment here.

  • Wellness Events: Our Peer Support Resource Centre advocates for all around student well-being at KPU. We promote wellness through various events each year, such as Welcome WeekStress Relief Week, our annual Pieces of Mind Mental Health Conference, and more!

Where Can You Find Us?

Have questions or are looking for resources? Email us at peersupport@kusa.ca and we will do our best to find the answers you need and get back to you ASAP.

Normally, you can visit our Peer Support Resource Centre on the Surrey Campus, in Birch 230 during our drop-in hours (vary by semester), please email us in advance.