KSA Volunteer Program

Become a KSA Volunteer!

The KSA Volunteer Program has undergone a significant transformation this year. Our mission is to enhance your journey as a KPU student by offering an array of volunteering opportunities that are not just enriching but also pivotal in shaping your future career.

  • Why Choose KSA Volunteer Program?1
    • Diverse Opportunities: Engage in a variety of roles across multiple sectors, tailored to suit your interests and career goals.
    • Skill Development: Enhance your resume with valuable skills and certifications, including First Aid, Food Safe, and Mental Health First Aid, offered at discounted rates for students.
    • Networking and Community: Connect with like-minded peers, faculty, and professionals, expanding your network and fostering meaningful relationships.
  • Exclusive Benefits for Our Volunteers1
    • Hands-On Experience: Collaborate with external organizations, gaining practical exposure and insights into different industries.
    • Recognition and Rewards: We celebrate your contributions with exclusive KSA merchandise, volunteer awards, and appreciation events.
    • Professional References: Stand out to future employers with reference letters, highlighting your commitment and skills.
  • Be Part of Something Bigger1

    Joining the KSA Volunteer Program means more than just volunteering; it’s about being part of a community that values service, learning, and mutual support. You’ll not only contribute to the wider community but also enhance your own personal and academic journey.

  • Get Involved1

    To learn more or to become a part of our vibrant volunteer community, reach out to us at +1 (604) 599-3438.

    or email volunteer@kusa.ca.

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