MultiPass Hardship Bursary – SpringDeadline

KSA MultiPass Hardship Bursary

If you are a current student who are eligible for the MultiPass but experiencing financial hardship or significant personal obligations, you may qualify to receive a partial or full bursary for the MultiPass program.

Hardship Bursary Application for Spring 2023 is available now. 

Deadline to apply is Friday, February 17, 2023 at 4pm.

To apply, download and fill out the application, and then email the completed application and any supporting documentation to us at .

Once your application has been submitted, you will receive an email notification verifying that it has been received. Included will also be additional information describing when you will receive notification on whether or not your application was approved. Applicants receiving bursaries from the KSA may be required to provide additional details to the KSA for tax purposes as required by the Canada Revenue Agency. These applicants will be contacted by KSA Accounting in this case.

To find out more about the application process, please take a look at our Hardship Bursary Policy and Procedures.