KSA By Election Polling

KSA By Election Polling
  • 2022-10-26 - 2022-10-27

KSA By Election Polling


  • From 10:00am on Wednesday, October 26th to Thursday to 9:00pm on October 27th, 2022.
  • Hold online via Simply Voting https://kusa.simplyvoting.com

How does Simply Voting work?

1. Click on the Home link above to get back to the welcome page. Then, submit your Elector ID and Password.

2. If your login was successful, you will be shown a menu listing all current ballots in which you are eligible to vote. If you have not yet voted, you may click on the ballot name and an electronic ballot will appear.

3. Once you submit a ballot, the results are encrypted and stored in a database. Your Elector ID is then flagged as “voted” and will not be eligible to vote on this ballot again.