Westerman Campus Garden

The Westerman Campus Garden is a space for students, staff, and faculty to cultivate their own vegetables, fruits, and flowers. The garden is a place to people can build community, connect with nature, and improve gardeners skills and food security.

The Westerman Campus Garden opened for its first season in spring 2015 with 16 garden beds and, in 2016, it was expanded to a 26 plots.

The garden beds are made locally by Shifting Growth, a Vancouver-based non-profit that creates temporary raised garden beds. Their beds were chosen for our garden to provide flexibility on campus and allow us to provide safe soil for gardening. Each plot is based on a standard shipping pallet (48″ by 31″).

Garden related events, open to everyone, are held throughout the season, including yoga, meditations, planting days, and gardening skills workshops.

Everything that is grown in the garden is the property of whoever tends to the plot. Please do not take anything from other gardener’s plots without permission.

How Do I Apply For A Garden Plot?

1. Fill out the gardener agreement.
2. Bring a hard copy to any Member Services or email a copy to garden@kusa.ca.
3. The Garden Coordinator will then email you with further information about your garden plot.

Please be advised that students are given priority when it comes to plot assignments. If applications exceed the number of plots available, staff and faculty may be put on a waiting list.

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